What to do and how to succeed with your Fundraiser


Fundraisers are great for organizations with a long timeline and large support groups. Hennessy’s Irish Pub will partner with your Non-Profit in hosting our space for your fundraiser where 20% of our sales will be donated to your organization! The more you have show up in your honor, the more you make!


Who May Apply

This offer is only for non-profit organizations. Proof of your non-profit status is required for tax purposes.

Set the Date!


Your organization will select a date & time for any Tuesday that is available.


“Save the Date” & Marketing


We will create a master flyer for you to distribute. You will be provided an electronic file both PDF and High Definition Picture version of the advertisement which can be used for uploading to your organizations website, Facebook page or any other way you choose.


It is the responsibility of the organization to publicize your event ahead of time by e-mailing, Facebook Event and Posts, Twitter Tweets, Instagram updates or any other Social Media Marketing while handing out the flyers to your friends, family and supporters at any of your supported venues, churches or public marketing locations. We will also accept your co-host request on Facebook.


The Big Day!


On the day of the event during the specified time & date guests will need to present their flyer to their server, who in turn will attach a copy of their guest check to the slip. 20% of your Flyers’ total sales generated, pre-tax & excluding gratuity, will be tallied up and a check will be sent to your organization. Note: during the fundraiser, no flyers can be handed out. You need to ensure other arrangements for your guests to pick up or print off their individual flyer.


The more people that participate, the more they order, the more money your organization earns.


How do I apply?

A person of legal age (18 years and older), must fill out the fundraiser event application for your organization. This individual will be held personally responsible for coordinating the fundraiser. Applications are available in the restaurant or you can call and request that an application be emailed or faxed to you. Once you have been approved you will receive an email with the digital attachments for your marketing needs. At this time, a completed W9 for the individual or organization will need to be provided in order to ensure a check can be issued.

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